this week.

11:52 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

so this week has been ridiculously busy and stressful for me. 

this is basically what my week has looked like:

wake up, read/write papers, go to class, read or write some more, go to class, read or write more, go to bed.

the greatest thing is, when i'm busy i always eat better than i usually do! i'm not snacking unnecessarily, and i'm usually running around all day, so eating fruit versus a candy bar makes me feel a lot better, and i usually crave apples when i'm busy.

i really wish i could say "yay the week from hell is over! i can relax now!" but, there are only 4 weeks left to the semester and i have three major papers to write. and i haven't started two of them. i'm starting to stress myself out a bit. 

i am patiently waiting for april 16th to come so i can be done with school for a month, only to take a 5 day intensive in may. then FINALLY i can go home on may 10th! yay!

i've also avoided french fries and soda for another week! go me!

until next time,
- sarah