creating a better me :)

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as you may or may not be aware, i've recently started trying to be a better person.

this is taking form in a few ways - physically, spiritually, and mentally.

physically, i've been logging my eating habits with i've used this before when i (failed) to try and eat healthy. it's a great way to realize how much you're eating, and when enough is enough. there's also a mobile app, so i can log from my computer, iphone, or ipad and they all sync up! which is something that i loooove. i never have to worry about remembering what i ate, because i always have one of my devices with me (i may have a slight addiction to my technology). so far, i'm on an 8 day streak, which is pretty impressive for someone who has absolutely no discipline.

i've decided to not track my weight, mostly because i don't have access to a scale in my dorm, but also because i've always been really concerned about numbers and i would weigh everyday and it was just a mess to my self-esteem. instead, i'm eating to make myself feel better. and it's working! so far, i've had more energy throughout the day and i'm sleeping better at night! which is a plus. i'm also hoping that eating better and/or losing weight will help with my psoriasis, which is currently really bad due to dry toronto weather and school stress.

starting last sunday, i decided to give up french fries (oh man) and soda. i'm not going to kill myself to keep this, but i'm trying my hardest. it just happens that my decision coincides with Lent, so i feel like if other people are giving up things at this time, i might as well too! i've been drinking water like crazy to help with my diet coke addiction, but i still crave it every now and then.

so yeah! that's my goal for the rest of the semester. i'm tired of feeling like crap when i eat junk food, but being surrounded by deep fried deliciousness in the cafeteria every day is hard. choosing to eat a salad when chicken fingers and fries are right next to it is a challenge. 

i'm planning on posting about the other aspects of improvement i'm working on in my life within the next week or so! :) see ya next time!

- Sarah