lady A, cinnamon buns, and procrastination...

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while procrastinating, i thought i'd do something productive and give you an update about my weekend!

on friday night i had the chance to go see lady antebellum LIVE in concert (with kip moore + kacey musgraves - both of whom i've never heard of before)! i don't have a lot of "i *need* to see these people in concert before i die" bands, but Lady A is definitely one of them.

the crazy thing is, back in november when tickets went on sale, i wanted to go. but financially it wasn't feasible, and i had no one to go with (and my mom didn't want me walking downtown by myself at night - she worries too much).

a couple weeks ago, two of the girls at school got surprised with tickets from their siblings to the show and as soon as i heard that, there was a glimmer of hope. so between my parents and sister, it was happy birthday to sarah!
although i wasn't sitting with them, and despite terrible seats (i was like four rows from the absolute top of the stadium, to the side of the stage), it was probably one of the most amazing nights of my life. i ended up having an entire row to myself and i got to really take it all in without being concerned about people around me judging me while i danced and sang along by myself - and when i started to cry during it ain't pretty (yeah, that happened - also during american honey and dancing away with my heart). 

the best moment of the whole night was when they did the typical turn-the-lights-down-and-everyone-use-your-phone-as-lights during it ain't pretty. you don't really get the full effect of this when you're sitting in the middle of it. but when you're in the balcony, looking out to a wall of lights, it is SO FREAKING MAGICAL. it actually took my breath away. 

like, this doesnt even do justice do how wonderful it was. i really wish i had a camera other than my iphone.

so many moments during this just killed me. from their *perfect* harmonies, songs that have shaped my life, and their genuine love for what they do. it was awesome.

i've had a little bit of a break from listening to country music, and although it's still not my favorite, i've rekindled my absolute love for lady a. they are fantastic and every moment of the show felt intimate, even with thousands of people around you.

AND after the concert we were starving so we stopped for cinnabon just before they closed on our way home - uh YUM. i don't think i've ever had cinnabon before (i'm not a huge lover of cinnamon rolls) but it was SO AMAZING.
(this is an empty box because i was starving and trying to eat while walked to the subway and only thought to take a pic when i sat down on the subway)

on saturday i accidentally slept in later than i had intended after not getting to bed until 1am, and *tried* to get started on my essay due on wednesday, and accomplished a bit of research, then watched wreck-it ralph and how to deal (my faves) with my roommate :)

today, i went to church @ the meeting house, then came back for dinner and now here i am, still trying to get this essay done and none of my readings started for this week. wish me luck! :)

- sarah