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{Hello Friends! It has been a while, so sorry about that! A series of unfortunate events (and a revelation of sorts) brought the creative out of me today! I missed writing a lot and am glad to be semi-back! Enjoy and make sure to comment below!}

"I was made for this,

I live for this,

God has a reason for my life"

This was our theme for Vacation Bible School this year: Maker Fun Factory - Created by God, Built for a Purpose. 

I sang this along with over a hundred kids and volunteers this week.

I poured out my heart and soul telling kids that they had a purpose. That they were created by a God who knows them intimately, is for them, is always with them, and who loves them unconditionally.

But what happens when "this" - our purpose, our reason that we think we're on earth - doesn't seem to be happening? What happens when what we we think we were made to do doesn't come true?

I've struggled with this so much, and thankfully, VBS always seems to know what my heart needs to hear.

I remember back in my high school french class we were given an assignment to create a futuristic invention. My group for some reason created a very interesting (to say the least) object. If I remember correctly, it was a 4 inch tube shape, orange, with some little doodads, a sponge on one end, and some metallic detailing.

(I searched high and low trying to find a picture but the internet has failed me...trust me, it was a real treat)

Any guesses on what it was created for? 

I remember people asking us what we had made. What was this odd creation's purpose? Some made guesses, they looked it over before class to try and gain some insight before they guessed. 

But only the people in our group truly knew the answer. And we all felt a sense of pride and satisfaction when no one could figure out what our gizmo was. Only the creators knew what the creation was truly made for. 

Only the inventor knows the purpose of his invention. 

The thing we oftentimes get wrong about finding our purpose in life is that we'll never truly know what our purpose is until it happens. The creation doesn't know what the creator has imagined, planned, and hoped for them. 

If I believe I am created by a loving, caring God, I can say that I am created for a reason.

If I am created for a reason, I know that I have a purpose. 

The biggest lie I have ever believed about purpose is that it's what you do. Your purpose is not dictated by your profession, vocation, or career. It's not who you marry, or how many kids you can or cannot have. 

My purpose is to follow my creator. To figure it out along the way by listening to His voice. My purpose won't be fulfilled when I land a full time job in ministry. It won't be fulfilled when I'm married, or when I've seen "X" number of students give their hearts to God. It won't be when I'm successful, in fact, in my experience, following God often means you sacrifice what is "success" in the eyes of the world. 

My purpose will be fulfilled when I meet my creator face to face. When He looks at me and says "well done". When I arrive at eternity's shore. When I can say that I fiercely and loyally served my creator and God and spread the word of Him to anyone who would listen. 

love + pixie dust,