Thrifty Thursday (on a Friday!)

23:28 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

I am a terrible blogger..but better late than never!
Here are a some of my favorite things I picked up this week!

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Hello, sideways pictures that I am too tired to rotate!
Teapot, $1 
Queen Elizabeth Mug, 10 cents

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Jewellery Box, 75 cents!!! I am in LOVE with this box. it's the perfect size to hold my bracelets and i am just in love with it.

I also found a couple of purses (including a guess clutch that I got for 50 CENTS!!), some more dishes, and a picture frame + sweater for my sister!

Unfortunately I'm working this weekend so I won't get out to any yard sales (i MAY go out on my lunch break hahah), but I AM sending my dad out to check them out - so we'll see what he find!