Thrifty Thursday: Church Sale Haul!

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Hey guys! Welcome back!
There's been a lot going on on my blog, and I'm going to attempt to narrow down my post topics...but it has proven to be hard as my interests tend to fluctuate and change every few months.

BUT yard sale season is here! There aren't any useful thrift or antique shops in my town, so when the snow melts and yard sales start up again, I get excited!

Every Thursday I'll be posting about my thrifting adventures the previous weekend!

This past Friday there was a Jumble Sale at a local church.
Now, yard sales are good, but CHURCH yard sales are better. Prices are always great, there's a  huse assortment of goods, and you really never know what you're going to find! I think I got some good deals and found some stuff I'm really happy with!

Here's what I found!!

First of all: This tea set! I actually got this the week BEFORE the church sale. There was a small moving sale so obviously I hit it up!

The lady who sold this to me said it had been her grandmothers, was passed down to her mother, and then to her! Entire set cost me $5!

(Note: I was going to include the prices for the items I got at the church sale, but there wasn't really any markings of what most of the things were priced at.  However, I do know my entire haul cost me $7. )

1) I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with vintage kitchenware. Do I live on my own? Do I have a kitchen where I can actually use this stuff? Nope. Do I obsessively hoard it anyway? Of course.

I've been eating and drinking a lot of lemon-infused things lately so I had to have this Lemon themed pitcher! It is so cute! I'm going to use it for iced tea this summer!

I also got two casserole dishes, and a set of two Coca-Cola glasses!

2) On the list of "things sarah will not let pass at yard sales" are cameras. I usually head for more vintage-y styles, but for some reason these stood out to me. And, lets face it, these two Pentax cameras are vintage to some children!

3) A few things were set at a price, so I do know that books were .25 cents for soft cover and .50 cents for hardcover. 

I picked up four books: 
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (one can never have too many copies of Harry Potter)
In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume
The Collected Works fo CS Lewis
Lord of the Flies (my current copy is very tattered!)

Total: $1.50

3)  I've never actually seen Pete's Dragon, and there's something about things that look worn and well loved at sales that make me want to buy them. I also don't own Bambi in any format, so I had to have that as well.

Total: $1.00 (.50 each)

4) The crowning jewel of my haul! I stalked the one box of records until the person looking at them left. I think he felt my death stares on his back ;) Rummaged through old gospel and country albums and came across this! Mickey Mouse Disco! I'm always on the hunt for anything Disney, and Disney records is something I really want to collect more of. 

(I think these were .25 cents?

OH! I almost forgot! I may not have gotten him at a yard sale, but he is my favorite purchase of 2016! Meet my rescue dog, Flynn (yes, as in Flynn Rider from Tangled!) He's a year old, we don't know what breed he is, but he is a huge snuggle bug with lots of energy and love to give! 

Happy #ThriftyThursday! What is your favorite thifty find? Let me know in the comments!

love + pixie dust,