Top 5 Underrated Magic Kingdom Attractions

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Magic home and native land! Just kidding, I'm from Canada, BUT Magic Kingdom WAS my home this summer. I can honestly say it is my favorite park...and the one I have spent the most time in. 

Magic Kingdom is also the park with the most Disney know, those attractions that just send you into a nostalgic, magical state? The one's you see in basically every Disney commercial, and they are the ones that come to mind when someone says "Disney". I'm talking Small World, Peter Pan's flight, Haunted Mansion, Space/Splah/Big Thunder Mountain(s). Those Iconic attractions, with a capital "I". 

But there are some attractions that can sometimes get overlooked...these are (potentially) overlooked, especially by first time guests. Here are five of my most underrated (and surprisingly a few of my favorite) Magic Kingdom Attractions!

1) Mickey's Philharmagic in Fantasyland

What it is: Mickey's Philharmagic stars my favorite Fab Five member - Donald. It's a 20(ish) minute 4D show featuring everyone's favorite duck, as well as a musical montage starring your favorite disney characters! You'll sing and dance in your seat, as well as maybe get a little wet ;) Don't forget to take a deep breath during the Be Our Guest scene - you won't regret it! 

Why I love it: It's located right outside of Prince Charming's Carousel, and with the way I usually tour the park, (start in Adventureland and work your way to Tomorrowland) that means you are hot, tired, and sweaty by the time you reach it. Philharmagic rarely has more than a 20 minute wait time due to the size of the theatre, and it is air conditioned. Perfect for resting your feet, cooling off, and enjoying some of your favorite iconic Disney songs! Kids and adults alike love this attraction!

2) Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland

What it is: Carousel of Progress first appeared at the 1964 World's Fair. It then moved to Disneyland, and then to it's current location in Disney World. It is a revolving theatre animatronic show that showcases the life of a "typical" American family throughout the 20th century, while portraying the message that there's a "great big beautiful tomorrow".

Why I love it: Okay, I'll admit it - my roommates make fun of me for how much I love CoP. There's just something wholesome and nostalgic about it - despite me not having ever even hearing about it until my ICP. It is the only WDW attraction for Walt Disney to actually step foot on, which is just really cool. It's also 20 minutes long, and a lot of people find it good for napping, so there's that. 

3) Liberty Square Riverboat in Liberty Square

What is is: A real steamboat ride that circles around the Rivers of America. It's a 17 minute ride, narrated by Mark Twain. There are lots of things to see along the way!

Why I love it: This is another great relax-and-recharge attraction. It's also another very classic Disney's charming and has a "vintage" feel to it, immersing you into a different time. Warning: there are no bathrooms on board, and there's no air conditioning. I would recommend riding early morning or later in the afternoon/evening when it's cooler! 

4) Tomorrowland Transit Authority in Tomorrowland

What it is: The TTA aka the Peoplemover is a ten minute tour through Tomorrowland! The entire ride runs on magnets making it environmentally friendly and really freaking cool

Why I love it: It's a 10 minute ride through tomorrowland. That's enough right? Add on that it takes you through some of Tomorrowland's most popular attractions (and you might be lucky enough to catch it while space mountain is down - aka has the lights on! so cool!) and there are plenty of futurisic puns ("Paging Mr. Morrow...Mr. Tom Morrow") PLUS you'll see a model of Progress City - the predecessor of EPCOT! It goes a lot faster than you think it is, you're high in the sky and even catch glimpses of Cinderella Castle! 

5) Celebrate the Magic! on Main Street

What it is: A projected light show on the castle. Happens twice a night, before and after the "Wishes' Fireworks show

Why I love it: Celebrate The Magic is always trumped by Wishes. People will ask when the fireworks start, then get confused when CTM starts 15 minutes before the fireworks. Many will avoid or not care about CTM but it is SO WORTH it! Wait until after Wishes to stake out your spot, or pick your spot early to fully enjoy this technical masterpiece. Watch the castle dance, bounce around, take off in a rocket, be set on fire (?!?!?!?!?!?) and freeze into a certain Ice Palace! You'll get to see scenes from your favorite Disney Films, hear some fun music, and cry because YOU'RE IN DISNEY WORLD AND THE MAGIC IS TOO REAL.

So there you have it! My favorite underrated attraction in Magic Kingdom! Agree with me? Did you favorite make it on the list? Let me know in the comments section!

Until next time!

love + pixie dust,