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So! If you have (had?) been following along with my instagram/twitter/facebook, you may have seen the hashtag #BFFSDOORLANDO.

You see back, oh maybe a year ago, Karima and I decided that #lifegoals were to backpack europe together. Since we finished school (and currently live approximately a million miles away from each other), we haven't been able to just hang out and binge watch doctor who like we normally do. So, jokingly, i made a pinterest board to plan our adventure.

THEN, when I found out i would be living and working at Disney for the summer, we realized that there would only be 7 HOURS LYING BETWEEN US! Magical!!!

That is when #BFFSDOORLANDO came to be. We planned and planned during the months leading up to my program start, and it finally happened!

We decided the best (aka most fun) course of action would be for her to drive down at the end of my program, spend a day or two at disney, hit up harry potter world, and then drive back to georgia so I could spend a week there!

It was as amazing as it sounds, and now we have to start planning the next time we get to hang out.

Here's a vlog that basically summarizes our day at Disney! Check it out :)

Up soon: our day at Harry Potter! That one is going to be a doozy!

love + pixie dust,