Disney ICP Packing List (Round One!)

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packing lists, bucket lists, grocery lists. i love them all.

for someone who isn't very organized, i am a list maker, and i'm also a planner. 

as a kid, i would start packing for our 3 day kids camp (which happened in august) by the first week of may. i pride myself on being prepared - oh you have a headache? fear not! i have three types of pain medication! 

Over the course of the past few months i've made a variety of packing lists for disney...i've penned it out on looseleaf paper, in journals (more than one), typed multiple versions up on my computer, scribbled in the back of the church bulletin during the sermon (whoops), and drilled into my brain.

i think i may have everything? i've taken into account a ton of vlogs and blogs of people who have done the program before! if you're reading this and have done the program before: please tell me if i'm missing anything!!

anyways, here is my packing list for 3 months of working at Walt Disney World! My goal is to only bring down one suitcase with me, so i can bring two when i come back in august if i have to!

1.     Common Space
a.     Fun Stuff/Living Room
·      WiFi router*
·      Phase 10/Skip Bo/Disney Scene it
·      DVDs
· *EDIT*: ihome bluetooth speaker

b.     Kitchen
·      Monsters U Mug
·      Lunch box
·      Tupperware
·      Water bottle
·      Coffee Maker/Keurig (?)*
·      Magic Bullet (?)
·      Dish Rack*
·      Dish Detergent*
·      Dish Cloths
·      Toaster *
c.      Bathroom
·      Shower curtain
·      Shower caddy
·      Bath math*
·      Towels
·      Face cloths
·      Beach Towel
1.     Bedroom
·      Hangers*
·      Closet organizer
·      Calendar
·      Lamp/night light
·      Pillows*
·      Sheet set
·      Mattress topper
·      Mattress protector
·      Over the door hook
·      Bed risers (?) *
·      Extension cord(s)
·      Laundry basket
·      Quilt

2.     Clothing
·      Rain Jacket
·      Shirts
·      Tank Tops
·      Shorts/Capris
·      Jeans (1 Pair)
·      Underwear
·      Bras
·      Sports Bras
·      Panty Hose
·      Socks
                                               i.     Black
                                              ii.     White
·      Workout Leggings
·      Workout Tops
·      Bathing Suits
·      Cover Ups
·      Cardigans
·      Chambray Shirt
·      Jean Jacket
·      Dresses
·      Skirts (circle skirt and pencil skirt)
·      Shoes
                                               i.     Sneakers
                                              ii.     Sandals
                                            iii.     Flip flops
                                            iv.     Birkenstock sandals
                                              v.     Flats
                                            vi.     Slippers (moccasins)
·      Purses
                                               i.     Backpack
                                              ii.     Black purse
                                            iii.     Steve madden purse/camera bag
                                            iv.     Small purse(s)
                                              v.     wallet
3.     Toiletries
·      Shampoo/conditioner
·      Body wash
·      Face wash
·      Razors
·      Nail clippers
·      Tweezers
·      Moisturizer/coconut oil
·      Make up
                                               i.     Mascara
                                              ii.     Eyeliner
                                            iii.     Lipsticks
                                            iv.     Concealer
                                              v.     Eyeshadow
                                            vi.     Brushes
                                           vii.     Nail polish
·      Jewellery
                                               i.     Earrings
                                              ii.     Necklaces
                                            iii.     Sunglasses
·      Medication/First Aid
                                               i.     Allergy meds
                                              ii.     Ibuprophen
                                            iii.     Band aids
                                            iv.     Polysporin
                                              v.     After bite

4.     Decorations/Misc
·      Pictures
·      Stuffed animals
·      Pens
·      Journals
·      Autograph Book
·      Sharpies

5.     Electronics
·      DSLR + lenses + batteries + charger
·      Point and Shoot camera + charger (i've been watching a lot of disney vlogs and now i want to vlog while i'm in FL!)
·      SD Cards
·      Kindle + charger
·      iPad + Charger
·      iPhone + Charger
·      MacBook + charger
·      SD to iPad converter
6.     Must Haves/Documents
·      Sevis Fee Receipt
·      Candidate Letter
·      Passport
·      DS 2019 Document
·      Insurance information
·      Payment confirmations

·      Onboarding document
·      $$$$