Top 5 NEW Things I'm Excited for at Walt Disney World {2016}

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While I am currently in a state of incredible disney homesickness and don't have a trip planned anytime soon (being an adult without a permanent job sucks sometimes!), I am SUPER excited about all of the new adventures happening this year at my home of Walt Disney World! Here are 5 new things at WDW I am excited for!

1) Sunset Kilimajaro Safari

Animal Kingdom has a reputation as a "half day" park - many say you can skip it in favor of the other parks! This is FALSE information. I love DAK - between the theming, rides, and educational attractions there is seriously something for everybody. It is way more than a glorified zoo! Thankfully someone at Disney headquarters has heard the cry for more at DAK. First of all there's the construction of Pandora, the land of the best selling movie, Avatar. Besides that, there are even more great news for DAK!

One of the most popular attractions (and rightly so) is Kilimanjaro Safari. Disney is taking this ride to a whole new level by offering "Sunset" tours. This will feature some new animals and is sure to be a really cool adventure!

2) Rivers of Light

Along with the Sunset Safari, we're also getting a new nighttime show at DAK!! They're really trying to make Animal Kingdom, not just a must see park, but a FULL DAY park! I've got to admit, it's hard to spend an entire day at Animal Kingdom, mostly because it is SO HOT!
This show "will depict an ancient lantern festival guided by two storytellers who call forth four animal Spirit Guides: an Asian Tiger, Tropical Turtle, African Elephant and Great Horned Owl.  (Disney Parks Blog, March 2016). 
It seems to be something like Disney hasn't done in the Florida parks before! I'm super excited to see DAK getting the attention it deserves. 

With attractions running into the evening, you will soon be able to spend a full day at Animal Kingdom without getting bored...but you'll still melt in the midday Florida sun. I would recommend checking out as much as possible in the early morning, taking a midday break back at your hotel pool, and then heading back for the new evening attractions! Rivers of Light is set to debut on April 22, 2016!

3) Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire aka A new CASTLE SHOW!

I will be the first to admit it...I cried when Disney announced the final days of Dream Along with Mickey. It was the first show I had ever seen at WDW, and it was my favorite show during my ICP. When Mickey says "Gosh Minnie, You've always been a princess to me" - my heart MELTS. I love this show. 

That being said, I am SO EXCITED about the new Castle Show! Not only will "Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire" bring the classic characters like Mickey and Minnie back, they are rumored to be joined by Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Rapunzel, FLYNN RIDER, TIANA AND NAVEEN! Ah, my heart! There is a desperate need for more Princess and the Frog around WDW. I love Tiana, and I'm so excited to see her get (some) of the recognition she deserves! 

I think we all saw a new show with the "Frozen" sisters front and center (Disney knows how to capitalize on that, as we know), but I am glad they're bringing in the other "modern" princesses to join the party (the castle're all invited...can you tell I'm still a little bitter about DAWM?)

4) Skipper's Canteen

Now, I know this is already opened and (I think) actually soft opened in 2015, BUT I am really excited about this restaurant! It is probably one of the first places I want to try when(ever) I get back to Florida! 

Skipper Canteen is a restaurant based on the classic Disney attraction, Jungle Cruise! Like all Disney attractions, it has a backstory - some enterprising skippers decided to "skip" the cruising and open up their mess hall to feed the public! I love a good themed restaurant, and the best thing about Disney is their attention to detail so I know this will be a hit for me! 

I heard a lot about it while it was being built during my program, and I love jungle cruise (and puns!) so I'm intrigued to try it out for myself! 

5) Norway "Frozen" Experiences

"Frozen"...the word either strikes fear into your heart, the sudden urge to sing "Let It Go", or the desire to eat a dole whip....either way, you know it is the most popular franchise of ANYTHING Disney has done in ages. It has taken the world by storm. Love it or hate it (or love to hate it, or hate to love it - I fall somewhere in those latter two), Anna and Elsa (and Olaf) have slipped right into our hearts - and now they're gliding into EPCOT! 

The fictional kingdom of Arendelle is taking it's spot in the very real (well, fake because it's in EPCOT, but real because it actually get what i mean) country of Norway! There's going to be a frozen themed ride (I can already see the standby wait times...) and a meet and greet location for the icy sisters themselves! As much as Frozen is overhyped and's going to be "cool"! 

So there you have it! 5 things I'm pumped about coming to Walt Disney World in 2016! How about you? Is there anything I'm missing? Are you planning a trip down this year? Can I come with you???? Leave it all in the comments below! Until next time!

Love + pixie dust,