May 30: Hollywood Studios

22:38 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

I've been in Disney for 3 (?) weeks, and besides two very brief visits to watch fantasmic! I haven't been to Hollywood Studios! 

I was scheduled for a shift tonight (until 4am - oi vey), but for some reason my schedule got messed up and they had me scheduled for a one minute shift, and when I asked about it they just took it all away! So I had the day off and finally got to spend the afternoon at Hollywood. 

I got off last night at 12:45, which meant that I didn't get to sleep until 2am, so I slept in until 10, and left for Hollywood at around 12. 

I'm going to be honest with y'all. HS is probably my least favorite Disney park. It may even be below the water parks for my "must visit". 

I was also pretty tired, which didn't help my experience. I wasn't really in the mood to meet characters, it was star wars weekend which meant that it was pretty crowded, and it was raining off and on all day. Also - this is the most confusing park to navigate. I can make my way around every other park but HS is just all over the place. 

The first place I went was the animation courtyard (?) and saw the Magic of Disney Animation which was kind of cool. I love concept art and animation tutorials and behind the scenes of Disney animation so I enjoyed it. 

Next I saw "Once Man's Dream" which is a movie that gives a brief history of the Walt Disney Company. I love hearing about Walt and seeing how he believed in dreams (I'm pretty sure he would be singing "I've got a dream!" with the thugs in tangled) and how even after many failures, he still succeeded. 

I also rode the Great Movie Ride, which I do believe just had some upgrades, and it was so completely unexpected. I had no real understanding of what it was, so I really didn't know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised with it. 

Somewhere in there I also saw Muppervision 3D, ate at the ABC Commissionary (and saw one of my friends working!) and visited anita at work - she works in Backlot and was working Tattoine Traders (?????? what even is the name of this store - someone fill me on the meaning pls) and they were SUPER busy because, well, Star Wars Weekend therefore everyone wants star wars merch. I missed her face around the apartment because she's been staying with friends the past couple of days so it was soooo nice to see her!! 

It was raining off and on all afternoon and my feet were hurting, so I ended up coming home at like 5. Meagan had the day off as well so she was bored and lonely in the apartment by herself all day, so when I got home I made chicken parmesan, and we did our laundry. Now we're going to watch a Big Hero 6 because I saw Baymax and Hiro today, but didn't get in the line to actually meet them. 

Tomorrow I work from 1pm-7pm, and I'm thinking I may just go play in Magic Kingdom after my shift + possibly stay and watch wishes, because, why not. I have two days off after tomorrow and I think I'm going to hit up Typhoon Lagoon on of those days! I love the water parks and I've barely spent any time there - trying to remedy that before we're blocked out for the rest of the summer!

love + pixie dust,