May 28: FInished Training + Hollywood Horror Faces

22:43 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

These past few days have been ridiculous and fun and tiring. I had to double check to see if i had posted about animal kingdom because it feels like at least a week ago!

So....that was.....monday???? What day is it even?

Okay. So tuesday I worked from 2pm until 11pm, which meant that I spent the morning complaining and being lazy around the apartment, had a day of training, and then went to bed. Exciting, hey?

Yesterday I had my second day of on the job training, which was potentially the longest day of my life, and I was exhausted on the way home until Anita messaged me and said that they were going to hollywood studios to watch fantasmic! we ended up running and missing the first little bit but it was so wonderful as per usual! It is definitely tied with wishes for my favorite disney show!

After Fantasmic! we saw that the wait time for hollywood tower of terror was super short so we went on that! It's also Anita's favorite ride and I had never been on it!

I'm not a huge fan of rides surprisingly, and I really am not a fan of rides that this was probably a bad idea, hence this ridiculous face i'm making:

We got home around 11 and pretty much went straight to bed! This morning we had to be at the Commons to get a bus at 6am to go apply for our american social security numbers because technically we shouldn't be working until we have one apparently! Right after our appointment I headed off to work for our final day of training! It was so great - our trainer was wonderful and made the day so fun and it went by so fast. 

I am surprisingly not tired, but I'm going to stay in tonight and relax anyway. Tomorrow morning I need to get up and go to walmart to get groceries and then I work in the evening until after midnight. I have Saturday off (even though i was supposed to work until 4am!) so I'll be heading to Hollywood Studios for at least part of the day since I've never really been there to experience the whole park!! :) 

love + pixie dust,